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September 1, 2010

BC8372 – SRM Futures and more

VMware is working on a new SRM version in the labs.  if you want to know more on SRM goto VMware SRM

I will give you here some product higlights (can change because product is still in devellopment.

* both sites (protected and recovery) are visible in 1 interface.  Communication will be encrypted between sites.  Certificates can be used.

* Array Managers for both sites can be configured from within one SRM UI.  There will be tight integration towards storage.

* SRA interface will be available for each adapter.  This will give you a overview of the arrays.

* Array Diagnostics is available to have an overview on storage connections

* Protection groups can be organized in folders

* Protection groups are available for both sites.  This to enable failback.

* Protection groups will give of status of individual VM’s.

* Recovery plans are available for both sites to support failback.

* Quick summary for recovery plan and last operation.

* VM startup order can be set in recovery plann

* You can create VM dependencies. Can also start scripts before and after a VM poweron

* IP Custimazation can now be set in VM configuration.  You can set een ip config for protected and recovery site.

* Also IPv6 support.

* Possible to do a planned failover. This will assure no data loss dureing migration.  This is possible because of tight integration with storage.

* Dashboard will show evolution of the failover on VM level.

* after a failover a Reprotect can be done so a failback can be done without losing data.  SRM will tell to the storage to start replication the the other way.  A status can be follwoed.

Looking at all these new features, we can hope this version is launched very soon?? 

Nice work VMware, go on.

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