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October 21, 2010

ESXi with settings to change Service Console Memory

At a customer site I have an ESXi server which give me the possibility in the Memory configuration to change the Service Console memory size.  But as you know in ESXi there is no more Service Console.

Before I changed something on this server I have put it in maintenance mode.  This is a server in Production.

Steps I did without result:

  • Restart of the management agents did not fix the issue
  • Restart of ESX did not change any thing, setting still available.
  • Disconnected the server from vCenter, still Service Console Memory available.
  • Reinstalled vpx Agent on the ESXi using VMware procedure (see VMware KB 1003714), still no fix.

This last step fixed the issue

Removed the ESXi from vCenter and added it again.  This fixed the issue.  Now it looks like a normal ESXi server.

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