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January 24, 2011

Dependent Hardware iSCSI Adapters

During the VMware vSphere ICM courses I sometimes get some questions on NIC’s that appear as a iSCSI card. What are they and how can they be used.

A definition from VMware (from the SAN Introduction page)

Dependent Hardware iSCSI Adapter: Depends on VMware networking, and iSCSI configuration and management interfaces provided by VMware. This type of adapter can be a card that presents a standard network adapter and iSCSI offload functionality for the same port. The iSCSI offload functionality depends on the host’s network configuration to obtain the IP, MAC, and other parameters used for iSCSI sessions. An example of a dependent adapter is the iSCSI licensed Broadcom 5709 NIC. 


An overview

The different iSCSI initiators and their driver in the VMware Hypervisor


How to configure?

Have a look at following pages

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