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How to get the VMware VCA-DCV Certification

Since the last VMworlds VMware has re-launched the VCA certification. This blog will help you to get through the procedure of registration en starting the exam.

UPDATE: The Voucher code mentioned later in de blog is only giving 50% discount insted of 100% discount since 2 decmber 2013

Here the links to all e VCA certifications VMware has launched.

First of all you need to get trained to do get the certification. Use the links below on the above pages to get the FREE E-Learnings from the VMware Mylearn website. To get access you need to get a Mylearn account. Create account or login using following link.

Check the Blue Prints to see what the required knowledge is for each VCA exam by clicking on the following screen

After the preparations we are ready to register for the exam. You can do the exam online and do not need to go to a Pearson Vue center.

Use the links below to start the certification process for your VCA exam.

Following steps will guide you to the registration and start of examination for the VCA-DCV

  • Login into

  • Enter user and contact information

  • Registration is done. Give Pearson Vue up to 15 min to authorize you for the exam.. Also on the last screen you get a link that brings you to the trainings plan for this VCA exam.

  • Go to and login with your Pearson account to proceed the certification process

  • If the authorization is not yet happened you get following screen

  • After some refreshes of above screen the authorization came trhough

  • Click on the link to proceed.

  • You see the exam normally cost some money. Later on in the registration process you can use above voucher code to get this for free. Read the requirements to execute the exam and proceed with the registration
  • Select the language and proceed with next

  • Proceed to the checkout and use the voucher code VMRT7B204E2E

  • Modify some personal info in step 1 of the checkout process and continue

  • In step 2 of the Checkout process you will agree with the policies

  • On the payment step DO NOT FORGET to enter the voucher code VMRT7B204E2E


  • Submit the order and get the receipt to start the exam

  • On the receipt page you see the availability of the exam (24h) and the start button

Success with the certification and keep on going with VMware Certifications


When you succeed you will see following screen